OTIS - Online Training & Information System

Powerful Online Training Administration with Otis Learning Manager ™

Make training management easy and effective

Conveniently bring the administration capabilities of your department training online with Otis Learning Manager ™.  What’s more, you can use Otis for all of your department training, not just for our 24-7 courses.

Imagine never having to use paper or spreadsheets to manage again and instead being able to access your training records anywhere you have an internet connection – that’s what Otis helps you do.

Otis provides you with the tools to train, track, and control all aspects of training. This easy-to-use, intuitive system provides a student portal and class tracking, online and classroom scheduling and maintenance, automated CECBEMS continuing education reporting, and communication tools, such as reports, emails, and notifications, all in a secure online environment.  Plus, Otis makes it easy to incorporate and conform to your local, state, or national protocols.

  • Get more done in less time with the easy-to-use administration capabilities
  • Assign courses to individuals, create personalized training schedules, conduct secure online examinations, or stream course videos for groups in the classroom
  • Course data is immediately uploaded whenever an online course or exam is completed 
  • Schedule training anytime, reducing the costs associated with travel and shift coverage
  • Provide convenient and consistent training for all members
  • Create your own courses and exams with the embedded authorship feature
  • Move cognitive training online and focus face-to-face time on hands-on practice or group activities