24-7 EMS Abdominal Trauma Sample Course
24-7 Fire Basic Fire Streams Sample Course

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An iLearnFire annual membership provides the greatest value and is the recommended choice of delivery. Simply choose a course package that best fits the needs of your members and get unlimited, anytime access to all of the courses in your selected package for a year.

With an iLearnFire Membership you can stream course videos directly into the classroom for group training or assign e-learning course versions that members can conveniently complete on their own.

Membership Packages24-7 EMS Courses24-7 Fire
Firefighter Development Courses
24-7 Fire
Officer Development Courses
24-7 Fire
Inspector Development Courses
Summit Training Source
Workplace Safety Courses
Total # of Courses
EMS Continuing Education 106 X X X 5 111
EMS Agency 106 15 5 X 9 135
Fire Department 62 45 8 5 15 135
Comprehensive EMS & Fire 106 45 12 14 15 192


Single Course Credits

Single course credits allow you to assign anyone access to any one of our package courses. Use course credits to provide member access to courses not found in your course package or use credits instead of an unlimited-use membership.


Type of CourseAvailablePrice
EMS Continuing Education 71 $8.95
24-7 EMS - EMS Continuing Education 106  
Summit Training Source - Workplace Safety 15 $8.95

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Specific Course Credits

Specific Course Credits allow you to assign anyone access to the specific course the credit is attached to. The following specific workplace safety courses are available from Summit Training Source.


Type of CoursePrice
Summit Training Source - HAZWOPER 8-HOUR $85.00
Summit Training Source - HAZWOPER 24-HOUR $225.00
Summit Training Source - HAZWOPER 40-HOUR $310.00
Summit Training Source - OSHA 10-Hour $103.00
Summit Training Source - OSHA 30-Hour  $179.00

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Single-course DVDs include online access to all course instructional materials, online examinations, and automated CECBEMS reporting.