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Penetrating Trauma GSW featuring Kenneth Bouvier, NAEMT-P, New Orleans EMS Administrative Liason

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24-7 EMS Courses from iLearnEMS

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iLearnEMS features over one-hundred 24-7 EMS continuing education courses to help meet NREMT and state EMT renewal or recertification requirements.

Proven learning process

  • Professionally produced, award winning course videos provide a visually engaging experience
  • Courses feature nationally noted EMS subject matter experts  
  • Online courses structured to maximize learning and retention with integrated video, learning objectives, scenario practices, and support material


Take it online

  • Assign e-learning course versions for your EMS providers to complete online, when it is convenient for them
  • Interactive course design keeps users engaged
  • Single access portal for users to see assigned courses and tasks
  • Secure online examination with automated CECBEMS reporting
  • Comprehensive online agency administration for scheduling, tracking, testing, and reporting

Teach it in the classroom

  • Stream course videos into the classroom on-demand (all 24-7 EMS courses are also available on DVD)
  • Online access to all classroom instructional materials including Course Guides with defined learning objectives and lesson plans, PowerPoints, scenario practices, student handouts, and course exams
  • Comprehensive online agency administration for scheduling, tracking, testing, and reporting

Course content you can trust

  • Ongoing updates ensure compliance with current EMS Educational Standards
  • Each course provides 1.0 hours of continuing education
  • All 24-7 EMS courses accredited by Continuing Education Coordination Board for Emergency Medical Services (CECBEMS)
  • Courses meet numerous regulatory requirements and quality assurance standards

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